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Kyle and Sam are Red Buds OKC, with a mission to bring the light of Jesus to the world. We are both full-time artists who are combining our talents to create a space within the world to bring the message of Jesus. We are set out to find the hearts of those who have been lost to bring them into the goodness that only Jesus can provide.  Learn more about our individual stories here.

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Sam Kahre- Cellist

Sam Kahre, born and raised in OKC. Sam has been playing since he was 7 years old, and playing full-time for over 14 years.  Sam uses the cello to bring forward emotion and capture the listener with his Contemporary style. Many cellists are classically trained and are only heard in traditional classical orchestras.  Sam has learned to bring a classic instrument to the modern scene that attracts people from every generation. God has created within Sam, a place of peace and rest that is felt through his music.

Learn more about Sam and his independent career by viewing his website here.

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Kyle Trudelle- Artist

Kyle Trudelle is from California and has called OKC home since 2020. He’s been painting for over 15 years, and his art inspires people to turn their eyes to Jesus. This passion for creating work that fuels the hope and light of Jesus began as a young child around 4 years old. Kyle was given a vision of his future in the midst of an unstable childhood, that he would be a artist and tell people about God through this gift of artist skill.  His first painting was nothing short of spectacular!  Kyle uses his gift to share the light of Jesus in all things and being able to create along side Sam is a fulfilled dream that was given to him many years ago.  

Learn more about Kyle and his independent career by viewing Trudelle Galleries here.

Photo Apr 08 2023, 12 56 31 PM.jpg
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